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National Barista Championship is here to cure all the monday blues forever with its new techniques. Do you think you’re someone who knows everything about coffee? Are you someone who brews the best coffee? What if we told you that you could showcase your barista skills on a platform with people from around the globe? Hold tight because we’ve got some amazing news for you. 

Every year, a different city and nation host the World Barista Championship (WBC), a barista championship for top-level baristas around the globe. It intends to sell specialty coffee and develop into a meeting place and forum for coffee enthusiasts.

How did the National Barista Championship Start?

The NBC, which was first conceived in the year 2001 has developed through time to become the occasion that symbolizes the success and broad appeal of the Indian coffee community. To recognise the top baristas in the nation, the Coffee Board of India hosts the event every year in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association of India and the United Coffee Association of India.

It is difficult to find and polish a barista who can make the perfect speciality coffee, but NBC has been doing an amazing job at that. It has increased awareness of the drink and the industry in the home market to foster healthy competition and synergy in the coffee community. The significance of the nation’s coffee industry is embodied in the event, held 19 times before.

Kaapi Solutions stepped in as a platinum sponsor for this year’s National Barista Championship. Vikram Khurana, the driving force of Kaapi Solutions, who also happens to be the previous NBC winner and jury member, has had a long relationship with this competition. Kaapi Solutions is a platform that offers a never-ending range of Italian Coffee Machines. Beyond having the best network of coffee machines across the globe, KAAPI Solutions is also the exclusive partner for Astoria, a brand for premium coffee machines in India

In his 21 years of extensive learning experience, Mr. Khurana has consulted several Indian and international brands in coffee that have successfully launched.  Alongside some veterans from the coffee industry, Vikram Khurana joined other key panelists to judge the participants and announce the winner.  

NBC 2022 rapidly expanded and produced baristas that are well-known around the world. Additionally accomplished business owners, these baristas have attained considerable industry notoriety. Mr Mithilesh Vazalwar was announced as the winner of this competition for the finest of the best, however, the other participants were also left with a wealth of knowledge that will be useful to them in their future endeavors. 

Where did it take place?

National Barista Championship 2022 took place in Orion Mall, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. The preliminary rounds were initiated on 2nd August, and the victors of these rounds advanced to the most glorious weekend of the year starting from 6th August. 

Eventually, the last round took place on 7th August 2022, with Mr Mithilesh Vazalwar impressing all the panelists, grabbing the most prestigious award in the coffee-making industry, the National Barista Championship 2022. 

India’s coffee culture is expanding daily, so what better way to share it with the world? NBC offers a wealth of possibilities for baristas to demonstrate their abilities on a national level and the winner on a worldwide level. The championship enormously helped various specialty cafe owners from all around the country to get the finest baristas for their businesses. This occasion helped the barista community gain recognition and inspired several enthusiastic young people to pursue this fulfilling career. 

NBC ended on a great and prosperous note overall, and it is anticipated that it will return next year on a larger scale.


The National Barista Championship is a glorious platform to give a pump to all the underdogs in the barista world. We think it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all coffee lovers who want to share their pride, passion and coffee personality. It is not just a competition, it is an add-on to increase the coffee production/consumption stats by increasing the popularity of this event as numerous people are getting into this industry. It is also becoming a foundation for many coffee experiments and inventions lately as it provides opportunities to the nation’s best baristas to curate an exceptional aromatic experience. 

The National Barista Championship 2022 was an immaculate success, as we obtained some aspiring baristas and were able to spread love and happiness via this aromatic experience. Stay tuned to find out about the World Barista Champion 2022 and National Barista Champion 2023. 

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