Reinventing the coffee space.

Stone Espresso Coffee Machine

Professional performance, ultra-compact dimensions, ready to use in 10 minutes, 100% metal inside and out, user experience for connoisseurs, more than buying an espresso machine, it makes your kitchen a real espresso bar. Every Stone is handmade in Milan for coffee lovers around the world.

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Stone Mine Espresso Machine

Reinventing the coffee space. Your kitchen becomes a gourmet coffee bar. Fast ignition! Stone is ready in just 10 minutes. Save time, enjoy your coffee or cappuccino in serenity, and start the day in a great way. A coffee machine that enhances your favorite origins. With Stone you will savor every nuance of your espresso. No more compromises—satisfy your passion for coffee. Made in Italy style. Stone is crafted by Italian artisans. You can see it in the hidden details, like the branding on the machine back.

Stone Mine Premium Coffee Machine

Satisfy your passion for coffee with Stone Espresso Stone is a division of Rocket Espresso and we have become accustomed to the high-end aesthetics, build quality and performance that is the Rocket. The same philosophy has been applied to Stone, but the idea is pushed further in order to totally reinvent the coffee space in your home. Professional performance, ultra-compact dimensions, 100% metal inside and out gives you an espresso experience fit for connoisseurs. Moreover, every Stone is handmade in Milan. The Stone houses  a heating element in the brass group head, controlled by PID that allows it to heat up in just 10 minutes! An absolute feat for an espresso machine this size: while you get your milk, beans and cups prepped, your Stone is set to go. Serving a few cups at your dinner party? No problem! With the boiler and group heat exchange system, Stone allows you to extract espresso whilst steaming. And all set with a 58 mm portafilter and 9 bars of pressure. Pair it with a solid grinder, a Stone espresso machine can give you that perfect café coffee in less time than it takes at a shop. Whether you're just getting started with your espresso journey or looking for a machine to last you years, we think Stone is just have what you have been looking for.

Stone Plus Espresso Machine

Modern Italian design in a compact footprint, the Stone Plus Espresso Machine packs in all the tech you need to make espresso that rocks. Designed as a 'walk-up' espresso machine, the Stone is optimized to make excellent espresso without the need to wait half an hour, monitor temps, or run flushing routines to hit your target. A custom-designed 1000W, 1.5L steam boiler encases a calibrated brew coil designed to heat just below brew temperature. From there, a 200W cartridge heater built into the group brings your brew water up to its final temp—all actuated seamlessly with the twist of the brew paddle. This dual-element system also brings the Stone up from cold to brew and steam temperatures at a blazing fast 10-minutes—less than half the time it takes many E61s. Controls couldn't be simpler, brewing is actuated from a group-mounted paddle while steaming uses a standard knob and 2-hole steam wand setup. Maybe most unique, the Stone Plus features a black base color with swappable magnetic side panels, called Slabs. Designed to keep your machine current in your kitchen for years to come, additional panel colors and finishes can be matched, mixed, and swapped from Stone's ever-changing selection.

Stone Pure Espresso Machine

Stone Pure gives you professional performance in an ultra-compact format which makes it fit perfectly on any work surface in the kitchen. It is handcrafted in Milan, the Italian capital of industrial design. The stylish, easily replaceable side panels, which with their semi-matte finish and tile-like design magnetically attach to the stainless side walls, give the machine a fresh and modern look. The contrast between the polished stainless steel, the dark manometer and the side panels gives the machine a minimalistic expression that at the same time gives a sense of classic Italian design. Through the electronically (non-adjustable) controlled heating element in the brewing group does Stone Pure absolutely excellent coffee already ten minutes after you start it and the heat exchanger system gives you simultaneous access to brewing and steam at the correct temperature. Stone Pure has a removable fresh water tank with a capacity of 1.2 liters and the temperature in the insulated pressure cooker is electronically controlled which provides a stable and consistent brewing temperature. Stone uses environmentally friendly material not only for all components but also for the packaging, making the machine 100% recyclable.