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Crystal Eye Brewer Set

Crystal Eye Brewer Set makes a Barista's life a cakewalk. It enables you to brew an espresso with ease and provides an aromatic experience.

Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle 800ML

Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle allows you to pour milk in the right proportion to make the perfect cup of joe for all the coffeeholics


Coffee Thermometer helps the baristas to measure the coffee temperature to present an aromatic experience to all the coffeeholics.

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder – Festival Red


Hight Quality Light Weight Manual Coffee Grinder, Professional & Aesthetic Lifestyle Design, no static electricity, PCTG.

A perfect companion for those always on the move.

CNC Processing Sharp Coffee Grinder Burr to ensure a longer lifespan. Dual bearings fix the central shaft to ensure fluency and consistency for the grinding. Ideal for Cold brew, French press, Chemex, Drip Coffee, Pour-Over, and Espresso.

  • Stainless Steel Gears: Sharp and durable for easy grinding and good grind size distribution -ideal for coarsely ground coffees such as French press and filters.
  • Dual Bearing Spindle: Helps keep it from shifting while grinding, therefore grinds very strong light roasted coffee beans very still.
  • A textured surface prevents the grinder from falling off the hand during use and enhances beauty.
  • Grinds from Coarse to fine.
  • Cloth bag included and packed in a beautiful storage box.

Timemore Festival Red C2 Pour Over Set

The Timemore Festival Red C2 Pour Over Set has everything you need to begin manual brewing like an expert and explore the incredible aromas and flavours of freshly ground and brewed pour over filter coffee. The gem of the set is the Timemore Chestnut C2 hand Grinder.
  • C2 Grinder - Festival Red
  • Crystal EyeGlass Dripper 01 (Red Metal Holder)
  • Coffee Server 360ml
  • Fish03 Pour Over Kettle 600ml - Festival Red
  • Thermometer Stick
  • Paper FIlter 50's
  • Plastic brush

Timemore Glass Canister 1200ML

Timemore Glass Canister enables one to store the milk in the right way. Make your perfect espresso blends using this barista equipment.

Timemore PP Brush

The Timemore PP Brush allows one to clean all the barista equipments and coffee machines. The best coffee machine cleaning solutions. It helps you clean the entire machine inside-out with the help of the Nylon Bristles that allow the brush to move to extreme corners.

Glass Eye Dripper 01-Black

Glass Eye Dripper 01-Black provides the best manual brewing experience.

Filter Paper (V60)

To use this Filter Paper Coffee brewing accessory, simply place the cone style filter in the coffee basket and add your coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, remove the filter.

Timemore Icicle Cold brewer

Continue the modern minimalist design style, enjoy exquisite view of summer cold brewer. Healthy high-quality material, fine ultra-long filter, so that coffee powder soaked more fully and evenly, You can even brew with only a small amount of 30g of ground coffee. It’ s a supper gadget for brewing a cup of cold and refreshing coffee at home.

Timemore Muse Pour Over Stand Black

The muse pour over stand black is a Classy, timeless and with great function; the Timemore pourover stand.
Once again another well-designed product which is useful eye candy.

Timemore Tianmu Pour Over Kit(Black)

Timemore Tianmu is challenging the difficulty of ceramic processes in order to meet professional extraction requirements. Every angle and prism of the filter cup is precise. Double-layer edified to make extraction temperature more constant. It is a high-end, unique ceramic design that inherits its looks from oriental tea sets. Best pour-over kit.

Undoubtedly the best Manual Brewing equipments available in India. Timemore presents the most efficient products for the serious coffee connoisseur. Brew the perfect texture, roast it with perfection and measure it with immense flare, use Timemore barista equipments to upgrade your overall coffee experience.

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