Kaapi Solutions has a wide range when it comes to manual coffee brewing methods. With over 25 products in the manual brewing category, brands such as Timemore, Aeropress, and Toddy combine together to make up their product lists. These include cold brewing machines and even some barista accessories such as coffee filter paper. Delicious manual brew coffee is guaranteed with each and every one of these products. With so many options and varied level of technology and innovation in these products, Kaapi Solutions manages to cater to all segments of society.

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Aeropress Go Coffee maker

The AeroPress Go Coffee Maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle. It gives coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee anywhere they want. Like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go brews American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee that can be enjoyed as is or used in a wide range of energizing and refreshing drinks. Delicious coffee anywhere: Optimized for traveling, camping, boating, or just at work Simple: Smart design is easy to use and clean up takes seconds Good to Go: Engineered to be the perfect traveler, it is compact, lightweight, and durable – everything packs up neatly in the included mug Superb taste: Free yourself from the hotel coffee Includes: Mug with lid, 350 micro-filters in a storage carton, chamber, plunger, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer, and scoop.
Aeropress Go Coffee maker is an out of the world Manual Brewer by Aeropress.
HSN:  85167100

Aeropress Coffee maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is ideal for any coffee lover looking for a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness. Brews one to three delicious cups of American or espresso style coffee in about a minute, and clean up takes only a few seconds. It’s a great addition to any kitchen but since it is durable, lightweight, and compact, the AeroPress also makes the perfect companion when traveling, camping, or just going to work. Includes 100 filters, chamber, plunger, filter cap, filter holder, funnel, stirrer and scoop.
Aeropress Coffee maker provides you with the best manual brewing experience.
HSN:  85167100

Timemore Icicle Cold brewer

Continue the modern minimalist design style, enjoy exquisite view of summer cold brewer. Healthy high-quality material, fine ultra-long filter, so that coffee powder soaked more fully and evenly, You can even brew with only a small amount of 30g of ground coffee. It’ s a supper gadget for brewing a cup of cold and refreshing coffee at home.

Timemore Chestnut C2 Grinder

Timemore Chestnut C2 Grinder presents CNC Processing sharp coffee grinder burr to ensure a longer lifespan. Dual bearings fix the central shaft to ensure fluency and consistency for the grinding. Ideal for Cold brew, French press, Chemex, Drip Coffee, Pour-Over, Espresso.  

Timemore Coffee Server

A manual brewing 360/600ml glass server from Timemore. Use it with a dripper or as a server for any coffee or tea. Simple, yet elegant form makes it perfect for every interior. Subtly branded with the Timemore logo and packaged well in an awesome box. Stylish, elegant and quality from the box it comes in to the feel of the product.

A-Series Signature Coffee Weighing Scale

Best Manual Brewing as this hand-brewed coffee weighing scale is the first choice for baristas or coffee lovers. It is the best appliance to measure the exact coffee weight and the first choice for baristas or coffee lovers as it speeds up the entire process and entails an aromatic experience.
A-Series Signature Coffee Weighing Scale with timer function
* Size: 150X130X22.5mm * High precision strain gauge sensors system * PC platform heat resistant up to 135℃ * Weighing capacity: 1g-3000g * Unit: g, ml, oz * Graduation: d=0.1g * LED display, 90X16mm * Tare function * Auto Zero/Auto off * Over load indication, low battery indication * 250mAh rechargable Li-polymer battery * Type-C  charging port, * Type-C  charging cable included
  • Simple and stylish design, perfect for a modern home.
  • High-precision induction design provides accurate timing and weight display.
  • Led invisible screen design and LED backlight display, clear, practical and convenient.
  • The weight is accurate to 0.1g, making the coffee-making process more accurate.
  • Frosted texture coffee weighing platform design, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, longer service life than similar products.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with a battery life of up to 10 hours.
  • Convenient USB charging design can be charged anytime, anywhere.
  • Equipped with Silicone heat insulation and waterproof pad for keeping the table top dry, neat and hygienic.
  • There is a reset button at the bottom, which can be repaired by itself when a failure occurs.

Filter Paper (V60)

To use this Filter Paper Coffee brewing accessory, simply place the cone style filter in the coffee basket and add your coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, remove the filter.

Timemore Muse Pour Over Stand Black

The muse pour over stand black is a Classy, timeless and with great function; the Timemore pourover stand.
Once again another well-designed product which is useful eye candy.

Timemore Tianmu Pour Over Kit(Black)

Timemore Tianmu is challenging the difficulty of ceramic processes in order to meet professional extraction requirements. Every angle and prism of the filter cup is precise. Double-layer edified to make extraction temperature more constant. It is a high-end, unique ceramic design that inherits its looks from oriental tea sets. Best pour-over kit.

Timemore Fish04 Pour-Over Kettle (900 ML)

Pour water from the best coffee pour-over kettle at a true 90-degree angle with the Timemore Fish Pour Over Coffee Kettle. Don't let the odd name fool you—it's a tool for artisan baristas, featuring an internal sieve structure that provides pouring control, a multi-metal body, and a comfortable handle.

Timemore G1 Black Stainless Steel Coffee Burr Grinder

The G1 coffee burr grinder offers a full grind range, giving you the ability to grind for very fine drip, moka pot, or even espresso; all the way up to coarser grinds meant for large Chemex brews or full immersion brews like french press.

Timemore C2 Pour over set

The Timemore Chestnut C2 Pour Over Set has everything you need to begin manual brewing like an expert and explore the incredible aromas and flavours of freshly ground and brewed pour over filter coffee. The gem of the set is the Timemore Chestnut C2 hand Grinder.