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Best Coffee Grinders in India - WPM ZD17N
Appearance Stainless steel body FeatureTap & Go Belt-driven burr Easy calibrating system Grinding Machine range: Espresso → French Press 30-90 grind settings Conical burr is available Operation Automatic Direct to handle Holder. Available Hopper Capacity (in g)450 Voltage (V)220-240V~ / 50-60Hz Power (W)100-120 Dimension (L*W*H in mm)240*150*420 Net Weight (in kg)3.3 Tap and Go Conical Stainless Steel Burr Grinder, giving you full control over your Grinding, also comes with a plethora of accessories including an anti spill cap, Cleaning Brush, removable hopper with closer, Holder reducer to allow you to use various sizes of Group Sets, easy to use - set and clean a top of the range quality grinder at entry grinder level.

Kuban (Makina)-KM-01 Coffee Grinder

KUBAN” make “KM01” Grinder for Coffee with Compact design, Indexed adjustment lever, finger protection system, 1.5kg bean hopper with magnet,100 mm grinding Disc, (with 1 phase motor, 220Vts, 50/60 Hz, 1100Wts) with grinding capacity of 40/60 Kgs. per hour
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Kuban (Makina)-KM-05 Coffee Grinder

Classical Model Coffee Retail Grinder is produced by  Kuban Makina. Coffee Beans are filled into plexiglass hopper. Coffee bean thickness can be adjusted through cylindrical handle situated on front panel. Grinded Coffee Pour into plexiglass hopper exists under the grinder.
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Mazzer ZM Grinder

Mazzer Grinder with Smart Knob, Record upto 20 Customized different grind sizes, 4 programmable buttons for quick recipes, The digital display flip with Electric calibration with On Demand Capability with double fan cooling system, Easy to clean with double safety switch, lockable canister, flat burrs of 83mm, 1 phase motor, 220Vts, 950-1050 rpm, 50/60 Hz, 800Wts) with 1.3kg bean hopper capacity!
Mazzer ZM Grinder is the ideal retail coffee grinder for any barista