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IKAWA Pro Series

No matter the business, there is an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster that fits.
Our app-controlled sample roasters make consistent sample roasting easy. They improve quality, save time, and encourage collaboration through profile sharing. The IKAWA Pro Series includes the Pro50 and Pro100; two models of our latest generation of sample roasters that give you the capability to elevate your sample roasting. Available in two different batch sizes, you will soon begin to benefit from its simplicity, consistency, repeatability, portability, connectivity, and reliability. Everything you need to make confident buying decisions and take your business to the next level.  

Diedrich – IR-2Kg Roaster

It is the best coffee roaster with unimaginable satisfaction. These roasters give the best roasted coffee beans to their customers.
Diedrich - IR-2Kg Roaster - Download Catalouge

Diedrich – IR-1Kg Roaster

Best Coffee Roasters with Solid carbon steel drums to distribute heat evenly, finely tuned infrared burners with data logging, unique heat exchangers around the drum let you roast with conductive, convective, Every roaster is hand crafted just for you from start to finish, Natural Gas or Liquid Propane,220V / 60 Hz Single Phase, 2’ 3 ¾” height, 3’ 3 7/8”.
Diedrich - IR-1Kg Roaster - Download Catalouge

North Coffee Roaster – 500Gms

Real time roast data and logging Industrial quality solid plate and stainless steel construction, fully adjustable natural and LP gas burners Single Phase 220V 50-60Hz
Best Coffee Roaster Available in India

Roasting is a very important part of the process, and doing so increases the solubility of the coffee. This means that flavors are easier to extract from the beans, which allows them to develop better. It is also the stage that gives aroma to the coffee. It is not an easy task, and is one that demands vigilance; the smallest change can result in a ruined batch. With that being said, Kaapi Solutions‘ products make roasted coffee beans easier than ever. Diedrich, Ikawa provide the best light roast coffee roaster for sale in India. Ever wondered what are the best coffee roasters near me? You need not worry anymore, as Kaapi Solutions provide the best coffee roasters available throughout the country.