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Nitro Cold Brew

  • TW-NTCOF-DT2F table-top coffee maker uses 78.12% nitrogen in the air to pass through.
  • German N2 filter (0.2um) filters nitrogen gas and extracts coffee and tea molecule at low temperature and medium pressure.
  • In the body, nitrogen coffee, tea, fruit juice and other beverages were obtained by secondary pressure balancing extraction.
  • When the equipment leaves the factory, there are reserved nitrogen cylinder interfaces, and pure nitrogen can also be used.
  • It can quickly produce cold-extracted nitrogen coffee, nitrogen tea, nitrogen juice, etc.
  • The proprietary molecular extraction system, which has proprietary technology, cleverly preserves the original flavor of coffee and gives the coffee a dense, delicate foam.
  • The palate is velvety smooth and naturally sweet.
  • Export presents the aesthetic perception of coffee, so that customers can enjoy the visual feast.
  • It can be used with different flavors of ice cream and fruit juice to make up for and improve the summer menu of coffee shops and improve the sales performance of stores.
  • Coffee extraction function, refrigeration system/extraction system.
  • Multifunctional, up to the most products: 2 nitrogen drinks + 2 cold extract drinks.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, ECO constant temperature technology, namely instant cooling.
  • Safe and reliable, through the national food safety third-party certification as a whole.