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Baratza Encore ESP – Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder for all your espresso needs
Optimised for precision, Baratza Encore ESP delivers the grind consistency you need to brew delicious cups of coffee. With simple turn-of-the hopper adjustments and the included dosing cup, the Encore™ ESP simplifies your espresso workflow.
  • Brew Perfect Espresso: The grinder produces precision grinds to help you brew the perfect shot of espresso
  • Suitable for Daily Use: Equipped with a metal adjustment system, the grinder is made to withstand daily espresso grinding
  • Expansive Grind Settings: With #1-20 will get you high-resolution espresso grinds and #21-40 is ready to grind for filter, french press, or cold brew
  • Easy to Use: Can start grinding with a single press of the pulse button

Baratza Sette 30 Coffee Grinder

If you want high-speed, precision grinding, look no further than the Sette 30. Perfect for entry level at-home grinding, this

SOLO Grinding by Weight

Weight is the most important parameter to grant consistency in your cup. You deserve nothing less than a grinder that weighs for you. Solo Grinding by Weight achieves this with the highest precision on the market, and quickly too.
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Best Coffee Grinders in India - WPM ZD17N
Appearance Stainless steel body FeatureTap & Go Belt-driven burr Easy calibrating system Grinding Machine range: Espresso → French Press 30-90 grind settings Conical burr is available Operation Automatic Direct to handle Holder. Available Hopper Capacity (in g)450 Voltage (V)220-240V~ / 50-60Hz Power (W)100-120 Dimension (L*W*H in mm)240*150*420 Net Weight (in kg)3.3 Tap and Go Conical Stainless Steel Burr Grinder, giving you full control over your Grinding, also comes with a plethora of accessories including an anti spill cap, Cleaning Brush, removable hopper with closer, Holder reducer to allow you to use various sizes of Group Sets, easy to use - set and clean a top of the range quality grinder at entry grinder level.

A Series Grind On Demand

Easy setting espresso grinder and temperature and humidity check, Hopper made with polycarbonate and is sturdy and durable, it is possible to adjust the grinding degree easily and comfortably by dialing method, its antistatic design, the ground coffee is not scatter.
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A series Manual

The dozer with flat blades suitable for Medium consumption. Stepless Micrometrical grinding adjustment. Output per Hour - 4 kg
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Mazzer Super Jolly

The Mazzer Super Jolly is the best espresso coffee grinder for every coffee style from super fine to exceedingly coarse. Mazzer gave its Super Jolly a stepless adjustment control, which allows for on the fly adjustment of the grind, plus a doser that allows between 5.5g and 9.0g of grounds to be dispensed at a time.
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Kaapi Solutions has a wide variety of the coffee machines with grinder in India. If espresso is your coffee of choice, you’ll need a way to grind your coffee beans to the perfect texture before brewing to get the type of espresso provided in Barista, KrispyKreme, etc, Since espresso requires a finer, ultra consistent grind, a dedicated grinder is a must. Order your brand-new espresso grinder here at Kaapi! The burrs are the part of the grinder that crushes the coffee beans into a uniform size which is essential for creating an awesome espresso/coffee. There are two different burr grinders, conical or flat plate. Conical Burr Grinders have two cone shaped burrs with ridges that grind/crush the coffee. A lot of it comes down to build quality. On a basic level, there’s more metal and less plastic in them, and the quality control is light-years apart: think burrs spinning very close together at high speeds.