The art of coffee making lies in the experienced hands and in an idio syncratic traditional machine. The perfect blend of roasting the coffee beans at the exact temperature for the right amount of time requires a special skillset. That is exactly what we at Kaapi Solutions train you with. A 360 degree training, education and consultation from our very best inhouse team of Kaapi Solutions. Our team of expertise are available in all the major cities panned across the country for an exclusive and extensive training and consultation which includes Setting up of Specialty Coffee Roasters, Specialty Cafes, Economic Guidance for Cafe Entrepreneurs, Intensive Cup Analysis Workshop, Advanced Barista Skills, Latte Art, Manual Brewing, the Art of Roasting, Grinding, Tamping, Tasting.


Apart from coffee making training, we also convert your dream of opening a coffee shop into reality. With our consultation services we provide in depth assistance for your business to flourish.Like any other business,you need a sound plan,proper execution,strict supervision and staff training for a New Cafe Startup. From choosing a location,excellent customer service,high quality products,job assistance or consultations for Baristas and more we provide extensive guidance related to queries.
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Enroll yourself with the below assorted Barista way trainings

Enroll yourself with the below assorted
Barista way trainings:

Know your way to coffee

  • Get acquainted intensively with the Origin of coffee in India and its History
  • Discussion on variety and specifications of your coffee
  • Processing the beans from the field to your cup.
  • Detecting good coffee by appearance, smell and taste
  • Science of freshness, storage, life span and transportation
  • The art of cupping

The Barista way:

Level 1

  • Basics of coffee making process: brewing, blending, tasting
  • Knowledge of grinding, tamping, roasting
  • Types of brewing methods
  • Types of coffee and their differences
  • Types of coffee and coffee art: brewing, blending, latte art (basic)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of machine

Level 2

  • Coffee making process: advance knowledge
  • Understanding Grinder and its applications: advance knowledge
  • Types of coffee and coffee art: brewing, blending, latte art (advance)
  • Tasting different coffee and identifying good coffee
  • Types of brews, their difference in theory and practical
barista way
latte your way

LATTE your way

  • Basics of coffee (different blends)
  • Frothing and frothing techniques
  • Different coffee techniques: tamping, grinding and more
  • Making of latte art: hearts, leaves, 3D cappuccino etc.
  • Using different applicators and their effects

Coffee Cupping way

  • Understanding and building receptors
  • Understanding aromas and various coffee flavors
  • Tasting and cupping
  • Different techniques of cupping
  • Min 2-3 coffee cupping for differentiations
coffee cupping

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A special course “ALL THE WAY” at an exceptional price
which is a perfect blend of all in one
“know your way to coffee” + “Barista way” + “Latte your way” + “coffee cupping way”

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