A Home Brewer to Ultimate Indian Barista: National Barista Championship 2023

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Coffee is a staple beverage for millions of people around the world, and India is no exception. The rise of coffee culture in the country has led to the National Barista Championship, a platform for coffee enthusiasts to showcase their brewing skills and compete with the best in the country.

The National Barista Championship is an annual event that brings together the most talented baristas from the country to showcase their skills and creativity in a high-stakes competition. As 2023 marks its 21st edition of NBC, the competition is not just about making great coffee – it’s about showcasing the artistry, skill, and passion that goes into every little cup of joe. It’s also an explosive celebration of the rich Indian coffee culture and sacred coffee community that has emerged around this beloved beverage.

Kaapi Solutions is proud to be the Platinum sponsor of the national event. National Barista Championship 2023 had unbelievable support from the Indian Coffee Industry, majorly from Nescafe and the Specialty Coffee Association of India, who was titled as the Gold Sponsors of the mega event. 

The growing trend of home brewers 

In recent years, the coffee industry has seen an explosion in popularity, with more and more people turning to coffee as an alternative to start their day, boost productivity, and connect with others. Along with this trend, coffee home brewing has become increasingly popular, with many people seeking to recreate the cafe experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Indian Barista | National Barista Championship 2023

One such home brewer made news at the National barista championship 2023

Jaseem Abbas, a home brewer, made history by bagging the cup. He is the first home barista to win this glorious title in 21 years of the National Barista Championship. Talking about his win, he shares how the competition made him believe in destiny and passionate hard work. One doesn’t need money or fancy equipment to be a top-notch barista or win this championship. 

The winner will represent India at the World Barista Championship, to be held in Athens, Greece, from June 22 to June 24. “I want to exhibit our nation’s coffee at one of the top levels of hospitality in the world and encourage more audiences to enjoy the Indian coffee culture and spread the word about it,” Abbas talks about representing the country abroad.

Highlights from NBC 2023

The Coffee Board of India, Speciality Coffee Association of India, and United Coffee Association of India hosted the 21st edition of the National Barista Championship from February 14–19 at Orion mall in Bangalore. With over 10000+ attendees, 100+ types of brewed coffee, 50+ vendors and tons of coffee experts, National Barista Championship 2023 was one of the biggest events in the history of Indian Coffee. 

About 60 baristas from all across India participated in the National Barista Championship to compete for the title making it Asia’s biggest competition. They hailed from some of the best coffee shops in the business as well as home brewers. Technical judges, accredited Q Graders (experts in the sensory evaluation of coffee), and a head judge certified by the World Barista Championship, Ms Seonhee Yoon made up the jury. 

Every stage of the coffee bean’s journey was represented, including coffee plantations, bean roasters, café proprietors, and equipment suppliers. Attendees sipped great coffee blends, socialised with industry leaders, and enjoyed live entertainment with vital learnings about coffee preparations, equipment, and processes.

Why is the National Barista Championship significant?

The National Barista Championship is significant for several reasons. For starters, it provides a forum for baristas to demonstrate their abilities and inventiveness, which helps to boost the industry’s overall standards. By highlighting the importance of technical expertise and taste, NBC encourages baristas to continue honing their craft and pushing the boundaries of coffee preparation.

Second, NBC is an essential networking event for coffee professionals. It allows baristas to network with other industry professionals, such as roasters, equipment manufacturers, and cafe owners. It can lead to new partnerships and collaborations, which can help to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

Ultimately, NBC honours coffee culture and its rising importance in our everyday lives. It highlights coffee’s social and cultural relevance and promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of the art and science of coffee preparation.

In conclusion, 

The National Barista Championship 2023 was a tremendous success. The event brought together some of the country’s most accomplished baristas and entailed a chance for coffee lovers, experts, and enthusiasts to get together and celebrate our shared love for coffee. The judges had a challenging time choosing the winners because 60 exceptionally outstanding candidates exhibited their creativity and competence in brewing coffee. Overall, the championship was a fantastic celebration of the artistry and skill of baristas, and we look forward to the 22nd National Barista Championship.

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