Why Is Nitro Cold Brew The Perfect Summer Drink?

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Summers call for some delicious coffees in their cold variants and there’s nothing better than a Nitro Cold Brew on a hot summer day. Even though brewing sounds like a simple process, trust us when we say this, it isn’t. The coffee brewers who are deeply engulfed by coffee making knows how intricate brewing is.

Coffee making is both art and science, thus, gets devoured by people who are passionate about it. Kaapi Solutions has always tried to make this beautiful piece of creation, a.k.a coffee, more accessible to everyone. This is why we’ve introduced the best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee machine to our Indian audience.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Cold Brew is a kind of cold brew in which coffee is charged with Nitrogen to give it a gorgeous reverse gush that is creamy, smooth, and fizzy.

Nitrogen infusion creates microbubbles, giving the coffee a cascading, frothy texture that makes its taste luxurious. Nitrogen cold brew tastes better than a normal cold brew owing to its super-smooth, rich body with a foamy top which is very similar to draught beer.

How is it made?

Cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurised valve- first made a splash in third-wave coffee shops across the country and quickly became a favorite among serious coffee aficionados.

Choosing the right machine is crucial for obtaining a heavenly Nitro Cold Brew. One should go for a machine that cleverly preserves the original flavor of coffee and gives the coffee a dense, delicate foam while functioning in an eco-friendly manner.

The machine that Kaapi Solution provides has a German N2 filter (0.2um) that filters nitrogen gas and extracts coffee and tea molecules at low temperature and medium pressure.

What Sets Nitro Cold Brew Apart?

Nitro Cold Brew is far more superior to a normal cold brew in terms of both, taste and drinking experience. The same machine that you use for Nitro Cold Brew can also produce cold-extracted nitrogen tea, nitrogen juice, and other beverages.

This coffee has a sweet taste which helps in avoiding the use of sugar and makes it a healthy drink. Also, these beverages have low acid levels which is a blessing for all coffee lovers suffering from acidity.

Nitro Cold brew without any doubt that drink will bring you thirsty coffee lovers who’re looking for a divine coffee experience.

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