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Have you ever taken a sip of coffee at your favorite coffee shop and imagined what a barista does to make this piece of art (Home Brewing Machine? Have you ever wished for yourself to be able to do the same? If the answer is yes, this is a sign for you to get your own home brewing machine. Buying a home espresso machine can be a task considering different machines come with different specifications and thus finding the one which fulfils your purpose needs research. This blog will talk about things and factors that you should keep in mind before buying an espresso machine.

Is A Home Brewing Machine Budget-Friendly?

Espresso Machines are big-time money savers. Anyone who buys espresso or cappuccino often knows how these drinks can empty your wallet. With an espresso machine, it is a one-time investment. You get to save on a lot of bucks in the long run while experimenting with different drinks. Some of these machines can also make significantly cheaper coffee cocktails that are super expensive in bars and restaurants.

What All Can You Make With A Home Brewing Machine?

Going by what it is called, many often assume that a home espresso machine is just for espressos. On the contrary, you can make multiple drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, pour-over, americano, cocktails, etc.

Manual Home Brewing Machine & Pour Over Coffee

If you are the kind that likes to have complete control over each step of the process then maybe you should consider looking into manual brewing. One can brew like a brewmaster with Timemore’s Chestnut C2 Pour Over set. You can control the taste, texture, temperature and strength of the brew using its equipment like hand coffee grinder, crystal eye dripper, and kettle.

If you’re a cafephile who loves to travel with their coffee, you can also check out great kits like Nano Carrying Kit which is super compact and travel friendly. Pour over accentuates intricate flavours when compared to other brewing methods. There’s a particular amount, consistency, waiting time, method of pouring water, and other things that you can see here.

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Which Is The Right Espresso Home Brewing Machine For You?

Do you like to experiment with your coffee? Are you a formalist looking for the challenge and eloquence of a manual espresso machine? Do you want the ease that comes with semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines? What is your budget? All these questions need to be answered prior to buying an espresso machine. These machines produce quality espresso but the experience differs significantly. If you are looking for a semi-automatic espresso machine then you can check out Gaggia Classic Pro and My Espressino and for an automatic espresso machine, you can go through Gaggia Babila and Gaggia Cadorna, for they are the market’s, and my personal favorite.

Be Your Own Professional Barista!

The biggest advantage of having an home brewing machine is the independence that comes with it. For the real Javaphiles, aka people who love coffee, home espresso machines are a blessing. They can control and monitor the process and customise every step according to them. Out of all the pros that come with home espresso machines, the space to be creative, independent, and inventive is most intriguing. Everyone can be their own barista now!

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