Astoria act as a judge and sponsor for the Indian International Coffee Festival

Astoria act as a judge and sponsor for the Indian International Coffee Festival

The consumption of coffee with the borders India has increased massively over the past couple of years and the nation’s thirst for coffee shows no sign of abating. Depending on which report that you read, the per capita increases over the past ten years can range between 20 and 40gm.

Over 150 million people in the Asian country enjoy a coffee every day as the middle class have seen a rise in their disposable income and in turn they have ploughed that money into the ‘western’ idea of coffee houses and coffee shops.

Astoria, the historic Italian espresso machine company sponsored the recent Indian Barista Championship (IBC) through their blossoming Indian arm, Kaapi Machines.

As part of the biannual India International Coffee Festival, the competition drew in the crowds and featured a workshop that demonstrated the best techniques and extraction of coffee on Astoria’s state of the art Easy Plus espresso machine.

Claude Johnson was named as the winner and was presented by Dr. Federico Gallia, the president of Astoria CdA, with a briefcase containing all the tools of the trade.

Flavio Urizzi, the Astoria Export Manager and a Key Accounts Manager, was on the judging panel for the Barista Championship event and was tasked with evaluating espressos, cappuccinos and a signature coffee based drink along with the overall performance and professional presence of the competing baristas.

The Awards evening also was an important event for Astoria. In front of some of the biggest names in the Indian coffee market, such as the Tata Group and Café Coffee Day,  and members of both the local and national Government, Astoria’s partner entity, Kaapi, received two special accolades: Most Innovative Design, for their stand, and Best Management and Communication, for the organisational and communicational work of their staff.

Astoria represents excellence in the traditional style of coffee machine and their products can be found in establishments the world over. View our range of Astoria products that we can supply and give a member of our exceptional sales team a call on 01977 687580

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