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Gaggia Babila

Gaggia Babila - Download Catalouge
A Fully Automatic Coffee Machine makes espresso in keeping with the finest Italian tradition in just a few seconds directly from freshly ground coffee beans, cup after cup, with the simple press of a button. Thanks to the new integrated milk carafe you can make cappuccino, frothed milk, Caffe macchiato, and much more just like a professional barista.  

Tamper Stand

The coffee powder stand with stainless steel design helps the baristas to make the refined coffee powder.
  • Rack Silicone Tamping Mat Coffee Tampers Tool Accessory Black.
Checkout the other barista accessories required to prepare the ideal coffee

Tamper Mat Big Brown

Tamper Mat Big Brown - Barista Accessories with Anti-skidding and thick silicone in the bottom and top, Highly resistant to heat, oils, and water.

Shot Glass

Shot glass with markings in ML and Ounce for espresso calibrations. Easy to drink and convenient to carry with a sleek design.
Barista Accessories to make a perfect cup of joe!

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer is a part of Barista Equipments!
It plays a vital role in analyzing the exact temperature of the coffee for latte art and coffee frothing.

Coffee Leveller

Coffee Leveller - Stainless Steel Blue Color
Low profile makes it easier for barista to tamp with straight arm at 90 degrees to the counter. Evenly redistributes coffee grounds and provide a larger flat surface area for the barista to apply an even tamping pressure using the palm of the hand which helps with control and consistency

Tamping Bin

Tamping Bin - The best coffee knock box bin that bangs out your coffee grinds, It’s super strong and sturdy, Perfect ergonomics allow for easy knocking. Keep your work area clean by disposing of espresso grounds in a knock box.

Milk Steaming Pitchers 1000ml (with spout)

Milk Steaming Pitchers
This barista equipment with a stainless steel design molded pouring spout and sturdy handle Milk-frothing pitcher for making cappuccinos and cafe lattes with a mirror polished exterior.