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Timemore Syphon

Best ways of Manual Brewing. 3 /5 cup Timemore syphon of quality and experimentation! One of the most impressive ways of making coffee. It's a science! By heating the bottom chamber the pressure forces water up into the upper chamber to mix with the ground coffee. Once mixed the coffee is drawn into the lower chamber as the pressure drops, creating a vacuum effect via a filter, and voila, your coffee is brewed! Timemore Syphon team has  created this work of art with design and elegance in mind. The wooden handle is a reflection of their hourglass logo, not only well designed but they had safety in mind too. The handle is further away from the hot glass than most syphons (1. 5cm between fingers and the lower bowl) to prevent accidental burns. Crystal clear borosilicate glass finish which is highly heat resistant giving you peace of mind that safety has not been compromised.

Timemore Coffee Server

A manual brewing 360/600ml glass server from Timemore. Use it with a dripper or as a server for any coffee or tea. Simple, yet elegant form makes it perfect for every interior. Subtly branded with the Timemore logo and packaged well in an awesome box. Stylish, elegant and quality from the box it comes in to the feel of the product.

Timemore French Press 3.0 Dual Filter Mesh

This beautifully designed Timemore French press will add a touch of class to anywhere. We love Timemore products, not just for their style but the way everything is well designed, from the quality packaging to the aesthetics of the product. Not just a pretty product, it is smart too, with a dual filter system, meaning that you get less sediment in your cup. There’s a filter by the plunger and another at the spout. Use for tea or coffee you'll not be disappointed.

Timemore U French Press

Timemore U French Press is a Sleek, handleless and extraordinarily handsome product. This is a French Press which is not only stealth like in looks but amazing in action. Remember to broaden your horizons and try your French Press to brew either tea or coffee.

Timemore Ice Dripper Black

Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Timemore Ice Dripper, 400ml Borosilicate Glass with clear scale: crystal, Temperature-resisted and wear-resistant Accurate Tap: Control water accurately with Standard rate of 8 drops in 10s High density 304 stainless steel mesh: 650 mesh extra fine filter to block coffee ground effectively.  

Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper

Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper for manual brewing has a new feature that allows different pouring speeds. At first glance you'd think this dripper was actually made of crystal, it's so clear, sparkly and just beautiful to look at, not only that but this awesome creation from Timemore will ensure your pourovers won't over extracted. The structure isn't just good to look at, it has purpose.

Timemore Fish Pour over kettle Black 700ml

Timemore Pour Over Kettle Capacity: 700ml(23.6oz) weight:550g
  • The gooseneck spout has been tested to be a 90-degree vertical flow, providing a stable water flow that is very easy to control for even extraction of coffee.
  • The handle is ergonomic and makes a comfortable experience to grip; A proper distance between the handle and the body reduces the heating transfer effectively.

Tamper Stand

The coffee powder stand with stainless steel design helps the baristas to make the refined coffee powder.
  • Rack Silicone Tamping Mat Coffee Tampers Tool Accessory Black.
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Tamper Mat Big Brown

Tamper Mat Big Brown - Barista Accessories with Anti-skidding and thick silicone in the bottom and top, Highly resistant to heat, oils, and water.

Shot Glass

Shot glass with markings in ML and Ounce for espresso calibrations. Easy to drink and convenient to carry with a sleek design.
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