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Diedrich – IR-2Kg Roaster

It is the best coffee roaster with unimaginable satisfaction. These roasters give the best roasted coffee beans to their customers.
Diedrich - IR-2Kg Roaster - Download Catalouge

Diedrich – IR-1Kg Roaster

Best Coffee Roasters with Solid carbon steel drums to distribute heat evenly, finely tuned infrared burners with data logging, unique heat exchangers around the drum let you roast with conductive, convective, Every roaster is hand crafted just for you from start to finish, Natural Gas or Liquid Propane,220V / 60 Hz Single Phase, 2’ 3 ¾” height, 3’ 3 7/8”.
Diedrich - IR-1Kg Roaster - Download Catalouge