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8 Tips for Brewing a Perfect Coffee at Home

Perfect Coffee

Perfect Coffee is, quite simply, one of the best things on the planet. Whether it’s the perfect lazy Saturday morning or the moments of cuddling up indoors on a cozy winter morning, a perfectly brewed caffeinated boost is a special indulgence. Refreshing, sophisticated and elegant, right? What more could you ask for? Coffee is a beautifully versatile drink, customized to fit everyone’s preferences, however, its core formula stays constant to extract that aromatic taste.

With the perfect combination, rich texture and the finesse of artistry, that cup would be too hard to put down before the last sip is cherished.

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Check out our collection of the top 8 experts-recommended tips, curated to bring out the expert barista in you.

Know your coffee bean!

The quality of beans determines the quality of the cup of coffee. It is always going to keep you one step ahead of others. The acidity, strength and flavor are traced back to the origin of those beans. Once you find what ticks your taste buds, you are one major step closer to the caffeine Utopia. Now, you need to buy good coffee beans. Preferably whole beans, sustainably farmed and roasted within the past few weeks are the ideal filters. Coffee reaches its best flavor just days after being roasted and should be consumed within a month. To find fresh coffee, local coffee shops are ideal places to visit. Some shops/baristas roast coffee daily which yields fresher coffee.

Grind at the right time!

Experts say that the number one thing you can do to maximize the flavor of your coffee at home is to grind it immediately before brewing, as coffee loses its flavor within half an hour of being ground. Grind size and consistency matter quite a bit, as well. Grind too coarse, and you will have a weak pot of coffee. Too fine a grind will over-extract the coffee, resulting in a bitter taste.

Store your perfect coffee carefully!

Coffee should be stored in an airtight canister that also shields sunlight to keep it fresh. Try to avoid freezing the beans, unless they’re going to linger for more than two weeks, as there’s a chance that they will absorb moisture, which can affect their taste. While a vacuum-sealed container is a one-way valve, a standard Mason jar will suffice for most people. Most people also prefer a dark-colored-ceramic or glass container that keeps coffee fresher.

The delightful ratio

A good amount of coffee and the right proportion of coffee to water makes the ideal coffee. The ratio of 17.42 units of water to 1 unit of coffee is considered the “Golden Ratio”. Ideally, a ratio of 1:20 makes a fairly strong cup of coffee. Some people go as high as 1:14 or as low as 1:30.

Weight over volume

Improving your coffee is all about eliminating variables, and one way to do that is to use the same amount of coffee per unit of water each time you brew. While we have been listening to generic formulas like using 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz of water, those conventional ways won’t take your brewing to the next level. Using a digital scale to measure takes just a second and allows you to compare how much coffee and water is consumed each time. It’s up to you to finalize the best recipe once you analyze a series of experiments.

The dance of water and beans

It is recommended to find the right grind size for your coffee beans and aim for a uniform grind. There is a good chance that your automatic drip coffee maker skips a crucial step to prepare the proper coffee grounds for full extraction. Manual pour-over cones call for a pre-infusion.

Our Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta, a fully equipped espresso machine with a silent built-in grinder, professional 360-degree steam, hot water wand, pre-infusion and adaptive PID, is the graceful composer of exquisite espresso art.

Choose a Brewing Method

For an even, mild pot of coffee, an automatic drip coffeemaker is your best option. Meanwhile, the French Press is a great, low-maintenance way to get yourself a bolder, darker brew.

The Gaggia Classic is one of the best entry-level semi-automatic coffee machines available. Texture milk for a velvety microfoam perfect for latte art with the new commercial steam wand and commercial-style 58 mm portafilter, included with commercial single and double shot baskets.

Clean Your Coffeemaker Often

Coffee beans have oil, and if you don’t wash your coffee pot from time to time, the oil is going to stay. The next day you’re going to brew more coffee, and the oil will affect the flavor. That’s why we must clean the coffee and espresso machines daily.

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