How does it feel to wake up on a hot summer day when your body only craves something very cool to cool you down from the inside? Cold Brew Coffee has always helped people from all around the globe. It is prepared from coffee beans soaked in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, much like an enormous tea bag, but with coffee instead of tea. The flavour, caffeine, and sugars in coffee beans are obtained by time rather than fire. So because the steeping procedure is more delicate on the coffee bean, it prevents the bitter flavour that roasting can impart.

Cold-brew uses a very simple brewing method, in addition to the myriad of possible health benefits. Cold-brew is a relatively “set-and-forget” brewing technique, whereas other coffee types require elaborate, expensive kits. Plus, one brew will last you for a week, so you won’t have to make a fresh one every day.

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee has the advantage of being easy to make at home and tastes great every time. When you make your cold brew, you don’t have to worry about getting watered-down, diluted coffee as you do with iced coffee. You can make cold brew coffee at home in no time with the help of a French press. To extract the condensed flavour, simply add your coffee grounds to your French press, and steep them in cold water for at least 12 hours, then press down on the plunger after steeping. Pour the coffee over ice and sip it slowly. You can bypass big queues at coffee shops and save money this way.

Why should I Cold Brew my Coffee?

Making cold brew coffee isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t necessitate the warrior skills of a trained barista. Aside from a large container for preparing the coffee and a strainer, you don’t need much extra equipment.

Cold-brewed coffee is exceptionally creamy and even sweet-tasting as a result of this. It’s ideal for iced coffee. One major benefit of making your coffee is that you can also change the concentration of your cold brew coffee to suit your needs, making it stronger or milder. Begin by soaking one cup of beans in four cups of water. It makes a strong coffee on its own, but it’s also great for sprinkling over ice or mixing with milk – or maybe both. If the bean-to-water ratio isn’t quite perfect for you, tweak it up or down until you get the proper blend.

Other than this, cold brew coffee also saves a tonne of time. You can make a batch of cold brew coffee over the weekend and use it throughout the week. Isn’t that so cool?