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Rocket Espresso – Doppia – Commercial Coffee Machine

The RE Doppia combines the latest Rocket Espresso technology with a specification and level of componentry that represents a machine brought to market with an aggressive approach to price versus specification.

This does not mean the Doppia is any less of a machine, rather with clever engineering, the Doppia clearly outperforms most machines in this class.

4.3” TFT on the front panel of the machine with software updates via USB drive, and programming through a browser using Wi-Fi module.

Pressure transducer controlled service boiler for ultimate steam pressure recovery alongside PID controlled brew boiler for optimum temperature stability, meeting the demands of the highest performing cafés.

Adjustable drip trays on 2 levels (min 8.5 - max 125).

 RE Doppia technical specifications

 Commercial model range brochure

Rocket Porta Via Espresso Machine

Rocket Porta Via Espresso Machine is the most travel-friendly coffee machine you will ever see. If you want to bring the best quality coffee to any event, this is the machine for you. It comes inside a case that looks just like the one a Rockstar would use to carry instruments around the world. Inside a box where you would expect to find trumpet, lies a hand made Rocket machine with E61 group, heat exchanger boiler, a full metal water tank, and the classic Rocket styling for the world to see. If this sounds crazy, that's probably cause it is. Since the first time we saw it at Host in Milan, we always knew that the Porta Via would sit in a category of its own. Flash forward a couple of years and it’s still impossible to find anything like it. The beautiful case it comes in is covered in steel allowing you to safely take it anywhere you want and despite the limited space they managed to fit a 1,2 L heat exchanger boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming. The equipment is impressive too, with a bottomless portafilter, a stainless steel tamper, a milk pitcher, and even a set of cups as standard.
Rocket Porta Via Espresso Machine Pros
Amazing Looks: we love the steel case the machine comes in, whether you fit it in your kitchen counter or at an event, it’s eye-catching looks won't make you regret spending all that money. Capability: it is not the most advanced machine you can buy but we love how Rocket managed to fit many elements present in the commercial coffee machines in such a small space. Truly impressive work.
Things to Consider
Still heavy: even though the name, the case, and the size suggest that this machine can be easily carried everywhere, it still weighs 30 Kg meaning it's not the easiest thing to carry. If you have to carry it we recommend asking for a pair of hands more. You pay the Exclusivity: there's no hiding from the fact that this coffee machine costs pretty much the same as the Rocket Evoluzione R models. The Porta Via is a rather unique coffee machine in every possible aspect. However, if it's the performance you are looking for, then you might be more interested in a Rocket Evoluzione R model.

Rocket Faustino


ROCKET Faustino Home Burr Grinder

Smaller than the Fausto, the Rocket Faustino still delivers remarkable performance, with the advantage of being quiet and finding its place at home on any kitchen counter. This compact mill offers exceptional grinding quality thanks to its 50 mm flat burr wheels make it the perfect home burr grinder.

Rocket Espresso Appartamento

Rocket espresso appartamento is the best home coffee machine.
Rocket Espresso Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for environments where space is at a premium. Rocket engineers optimized the chassis and layout of the internal components without compromising on the quality and features you expect from Rocket Espresso. Great for home users and small volume cafes. Rocket Espresso Appartamento - Download Catalogue  

Stone Mine Premium Coffee Machine

Satisfy your passion for coffee with Stone Espresso Stone is a division of Rocket Espresso and we have become accustomed to the high-end aesthetics, build quality and performance that is the Rocket. The same philosophy has been applied to Stone, but the idea is pushed further in order to totally reinvent the coffee space in your home. Professional performance, ultra-compact dimensions, 100% metal inside and out gives you an espresso experience fit for connoisseurs. Moreover, every Stone is handmade in Milan. The Stone houses  a heating element in the brass group head, controlled by PID that allows it to heat up in just 10 minutes! An absolute feat for an espresso machine this size: while you get your milk, beans and cups prepped, your Stone is set to go. Serving a few cups at your dinner party? No problem! With the boiler and group heat exchange system, Stone allows you to extract espresso whilst steaming. And all set with a 58 mm portafilter and 9 bars of pressure. Pair it with a solid grinder, a Stone espresso machine can give you that perfect café coffee in less time than it takes at a shop. Whether you're just getting started with your espresso journey or looking for a machine to last you years, we think Stone is just have what you have been looking for.

Gaggia Magenta Milk

Gaggia Magenta Milk Overview
Gaggia Magenta Milk, inspired by the dynamic spirit of Milan is an automatic coffee machine blends traditional roots with contemporary design. Effortlessly enjoy barista-quality coffee with a simple interface and intuitive usability. Gaggia Magenta Milk presents Nine beverages, available at the touch of a button, including your favorite milk-coffee beverages thanks to the elegant external glass carafe. So in addition to drinks like espresso, ristretto, and americano, you can craft a velvety cappuccino or luxurious cafe au lait, and start your day off with a flavorsome, full-bodied cup. The ceramic grinds ensure your coffee beans retain the most of their purity for the best quality cup with maximum aroma. Additionally, if you prefer, there’s also a ground coffee option. For complete customization, the Optiaroma feature lets you adjust the quantity of ground coffee per cup, which allows you to adjust your coffee’s aroma intensity to suit your taste. Designed and built with Italian excellence, Gaggia promises premium quality and a passion for coffee that comes through in their products, and in your cup.

Gaggia Magenta Prestige

Gaggia Magenta Prestige Overview
The Gaggia Magenta Prestige ushers a sleek and modern design in this new era of super-automatic coffee machines from Gaggia. Equipped with a convenient one-touch milk carafe, a vivid color display, and capacitive touch controls, the Gaggia Magenta Prestige makes it easier than ever to craft café favorites like cappuccinos, flat whites, and Americanos at home. Robust customization options allow you to further refine your drinks to your exact specifications. This bean-to-cup coffee machine lets you free to explore your contemporary Home Barista spirit.