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Eversys Enigma E’2 ms/Classic

The Enigma series can confidently be counted among the classics of fully automatic coffee machines: As the successor to the popular e-line, it brings aesthetics, design components and colours in line with the proven and powerful Eversys technology. Special features include a new brewing group, a faster and more efficient operating system and the larger display for more convenient operation and the display of even more products. Download Catalogue  

Storm Profilo

With Storm Profilo, gestural expressiveness returns center stage to the espresso-making ritual. An analog mixer allows for direct and precise management of delivery curves. The machine becomes once again something timeless with a longevity based on cognitive mechanics.

SOLO Grinding by Weight

Weight is the most important parameter to grant consistency in your cup. You deserve nothing less than a grinder that weighs for you. Solo Grinding by Weight achieves this with the highest precision on the market, and quickly too.
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Hamilton Beach – HBH755-CE

One of our quietest commercial blenders also provides our best drink consistency. Thanks to our unique QuietBlend™ Technology, you can serve your customers super-creamy drinks without disturbing their conversations. The Eclipse High Performance Blender is one of the quietest blenders in the world, and the 64 oz. container provides more space for larger batches without compromising on drink texture. Download Catalogue

Astoria Hollywood

Astoria Hollywood, the new espresso machine inspired by the revolutionary influences that invaded American cinemas in the 70s: from Easy Rider to Taxi Driver, it takes us on a journey through the cinematic culture of an iconic decade. Five pop-art colors for compact, fluid curves. Characterised by bold stripes and cinematographic LED lights. The shot timer, which indicates the extraction time for each individual group, has been improved, along with the new, steam wands with a wider diameter. The flap racks means it can be used not just for espresso cups but also for glasses for latte-based drinks. In the SAE version it’s possible to pre-programme six doses.
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Barista Attitude Pilot

Pilot - Best Semi Automatic Coffee Machine The machine is designed and conceived for people who wants to deliver a high-quality coffee but in a simple way. Pilot is perfect for locations where is not always possible to train the baristas and for who is at the beginning of his barista journey. We are a brand specialized in the creation of new technical, aesthetic and interface concepts for espresso machines. We represent the state-of-the-art in these machines through their design, gestural movement of the barista and his or her relationship to the space around them. Our thermal system precise and stable is the basis of a technology recognized for its superlative reliability consolidated over time. Download Brochure

Eversys c’2 Cameo

The Eversys Cameo C'2M Classic Eversys vision is to become the leading global manufacturer of professional, super traditional espresso equipment. Creating a blend between authentic flavours, smells, and innovative technology, the Cameo C'2M manages to close that gap between traditional and super-automatic technology, featuring a new touch-screen interface design for ease-of-use and, temperature control, and an optional cold milk foam. This new design also allows operators to match their machines with their brand's identity, thanks to a variety of custom colors. Download Catalogue  

LaCimbali S15

The latest entry of fully automatic range is finally here. Meet LaCimbali S15: small, yet so powerful; high-tech, yet so intuitive. With its compact design and its capacity to ensure up to 150 high quality cups per day. Download Catalouge