Kaapi Solutions is committed to helping you realize your goal of running a coffee business by providing coffee training sessions. Just like any other business, a new cafe startup need a strong plan, proper execution, tight monitoring, and employee training. We provide thorough help on everything from choosing a site to delivering outstanding customer service, high-quality goods, employment support or consultations for Baristas, and more.

Kaapi Solutions will supply you with a few coffee industry professionals that will teach you how to roast coffee beans at the correct temperature for the correct length of time. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, please contact us. Our team of experts is available in major cities across the United States for specialized and general training, including the foundation of strength espresso roasters, financial guidance for bistro entrepreneurs, and advanced cup investigation studio, progressed barista abilities and latte craftsmanship as well as the specialty of simmering, granulation, packing, and tasting.

Enroll in one of the following barista training programmes:

Know how to navigate a coffee shop.
• Study the history of coffee in India, including its beginnings, and learn how to make it at home.
• Decide on the type of coffee you want to serve.
• Processed beans go from the farm to your cup.
• Browsing for decent coffee based on the scent and taste of it. This includes the science of freshness and storage, as well as the science of life span and transportation

This is the way of the barista:

Level 1 Coffee Training:

• Basics of the coffee-making process: brewing, blending, and tasting; knowledge of grinding, tamping, and roasting
• types of brewing techniques
• types of coffee and their distinctions
• kinds of coffee and coffee art: brewing, blending, and latte art (basic)
• machine maintenance and servicing

Level 2 Coffee Training:

• Advanced understanding of the coffee-making process
• advanced knowledge of the grinder and its uses
• advanced knowledge of the many types of coffee and coffee art: brewing, blending, and latte art (advanced)
• Finding good coffee by tasting various types of coffee.
• Brew types, their theoretical and practical differences

LATTE it up!

• Coffee training (several blends)
• Frothing and frothing procedures
• Various coffee processes: tamping, grinding, and much more
• Latte art creation: hearts, leaves, 3D cappuccino, etc. Using various applicators and associated effects

Cupping method for Coffee Training Session 

• Understanding and developing receptors
• Understanding smells and different coffee tastes
• Sampling and cupping
• Different cupping approaches
• For distinction, at least 2-3 coffee cuppings are required.

Experienced hands and an eccentric traditional machine are in charge of brewing coffee. Roasting coffee beans at the correct temperature for the exact length of time demands a certain set of abilities. Kaapi Solutions will tell you how to do just that. The greatest in-house staff at Kaapi Solutions delivers 360-degree training, education, and advice.

Our expert team is available for exclusive and comprehensive coffee training and consultation in all major cities across the country, including the establishment of specialty coffee roasters, specialty cafes, monetary guidance for cafe entrepreneurs, advanced barista skills, and more.