When you don’t have devoted baristas who go through normal training, including fundamentals of optimal extraction, dialling in grinders, cleaning schedules, and water filtering, commercial bean-to-cup equipment steps in.

Commercial bean-to-cup machine technology has progressed recently, and most business and leisure areas will be able to reap the benefits from it. Quality and consistency have significantly increased, and with high-quality beans, you can count on a delicious cup of coffee every time. And this is the most crucial thing. A properly configured machine will continuously produce excellent coffee by following a set of pre-programmed guidelines developed by coffee experts for each cup.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are fully automated and produce excellent coffee at the click of a button. These machines have come a long way in a short duration, and they can now make all of your favourite barista-quality drinks with minimal fuss.

All you have to do is keep the machine loaded with beans, milk, and other materials, and your coffee maker will reliably produce great-tasting coffee.

Bean-to-cup Coffee Maker for restaurant

A bean-to-cup Coffee Maker is a must-buy for your restaurant if you have a lot of customers to cater to. With a wide range of features, a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker can be your helping hand in serving your customers the freshness they expect.

Most bean-to-cup coffee makers allow you to customize the size of your drink, the density of the coffee and, in some cases, the scent too. Cleaning a coffee maker is time-consuming; it’s filthy, and there are a lot of parts to take apart. Cleaning the internal components by hand is also time-consuming. Your coffee machine is cleaned using an automatic cleaning option.
Bean-to-cup devices grind coffee beans, extract flavour, and brew espresso, resulting in some of the best coffees you can make at home.

These features make the Bean-to-Cup coffee maker stand out from the crowd and should go on your must-buy list.

There are no plastic pods, filter paper, or grinds strewed across the counter; only beans and boiling water. These coffee vending machines, come with a slew of perks.

2. Eco Friendly Bean-to-cup Espresso Machine

Bean-to-cup devices are more eco-sustainable than most other commercial coffee machines since they do not use paper filters or plastic cups. Brewing your cup of joy from organic whole beans will make it even more sustainable.

3. Pocket Friendly Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

A bean to cup coffee maker, while more costly upfront than standard commercial coffee machines, can nonetheless save your money in the long term. Businesses will save money on fancy barista-made coffees, while employees will benefit from additional productivity and overall workplace satisfaction.

Do you want to include freshly brewed coffee in your usual work routine? Head to Kaapi Solutions and dive into the extensive variety of coffee makers we have listed just for you!