Is an Espresso Machine enough to extract the perfect espresso? No, right? A barista performs extensive tasks to deliver the perfect cup of joe. He is responsible for serving all the beverages with friendly, individualized attention towards each customer. Additionally, he is responsible to educate the consumers about the beverages. They also guide them on their way to nirvana! 

But what if we eliminate all the barista gears from the entire process? A helpless man with an ambition to create the perfect aroma would appear. Let’s dive deep into the list of mandatory barista equipments to extract the perfect cup of coffee: 

Necessary Barista Equipments

Barista Tamper

A calibrated Flat Tamper is an expertly designed tool to help you compress the ground coffee. It helps to extract a high-quality espresso shot every time you brew. 

Rustic Wooden handle TAMPER 58 MM | Barista Equipments | Kaapi Solutions

Frothing Pitcher 

The beautiful patterns on your cup of coffee are impossible without this barista equipment. Any milk-based beverage requires a milk frother with a pouring spout and a handle. These milk frothers are available in different sizes, depending on the amount one wants to froth. 

Milk Frother Pitcher | Steaming Pitchers | Barista Equipments | Kaapi Solutions

Coffee Thermometer 

Espresso and milk froth’s temperature plays a vital role in extracting the ultimate espresso for consumption. Milk steaming requires a certain amount of temperature before it is used for the frothing process. It also ensures that the final caramelized milk is neither too hot nor too cold for infusion. 


Coffee Thermometer | Barista Accessories | Kaapi Solutions

Espresso Grinder

During the brewing process, a barista grinds the coffee beans into fine powder. Conical or burr grinders are the two variations of coffee grinders available for the barista to reduce the size of the coffee beans. 

Solo Grinder | Grind by Weight | Best Coffee Shop Equipment

Coffee Weighing Scale 

Escalate the entire process with this A-Series Coffee Weighing Scale used to measure the exact coffee weight. It is the first choice for baristas or coffee lovers as it provides the exact measurement of the ground coffee beans.

Time More Black Mirror Scales Weghing scale | Barista Equipments | Kaapi Solutions

Cleaning Appliances 

Cleaning is of utmost importance when it comes to a Barista’s life. Once you’re done brewing, you need to clean. Kaapi Shop presents end-to-end coffee cleaning solutions to keep your products intact adhering to regressive usage. Some of the mandatory cleaning components include a Cleaning Brush, Toddy Cleaner, Cleaning Powder, etc. 

Coffee Leveller 

An underrated Barista Equipments tool that evenly distributes the coffee grounds and provides a large flat surface area for the baristas to apply an even tamping pressure using the palm of their hands for extreme consistency.