Think you can’t be a barista? Think again!

How to become a Barista?

Welcome to the world of being a barista! Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your skills, this blog is here to guide you to become a barista. Being a barista is more than just making coffee. It’s about creating an experience with your skills and expertise. As a barista, you are the face of the coffee shop and the first point of contact for customers. To be a successful barista, you must be aware of the food preparation standards with a combination of skills like technical knowledge, customer service and an immaculate passion for coffee.

Study Guide: Become a Barista

Know your Coffee

Familiarize yourself with varied coffee beans, brewing methods, and espresso drinks. Understanding the origin, flavour notes, and roast levels of coffee beans can help you make better customer recommendations. You should also be familiar with the various equipment used in the coffee-making process, such as espresso machines, grinders, blenders and milk frothers. Learn about the types of coffee drinks and their preparation methods. It is also critical to comprehend the importance of the brewing processes and different extractions in coffee e.g Espresso, Ristretto etc. Some essential factors to understand the coffee process includes coffee profiling temperature, extraction timing for various coffees and different grind sizes for enhanced performance.

Practice Milk Steaming 

Milk is a fundamental part of many coffee drinks and is often the first thing customers notice about the beverage. Steaming milk plays a vital role while preparing cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based drinks. Practice steaming the milk to the correct temperature and consistency, with no bubbles or scorched milk. Practice steaming milk to the right temperature and texture to create latte art. Ideally, use tonned milk for the perfect latte texture. The milk heating techniques differ for various beverages on the basis of beverage requirements like frothing, steaming, texturing, etc. 

Milk Frother Pitcher | Steaming Pitchers | Barista Equipment

Master Espresso Making 

Espresso is the foundation of many popular coffee drinks. It is essential to master the art of curating it to become a perfect barista. One of the most essential aspects of making a great espresso shot is the quality of the coffee beans and the portion of coffee in the portafilter. The beans must not be too fresh or old-roasted to obtain a balanced high espresso quality. The coffee ground must be stored before brewing to obtain the flavour and aroma. The grind size should be consistent and medium fine allowing maximum extraction and a rich, full-bodied espresso shot. 

Some extra tips to ace the barista game 

To be a barista, it’s also essential to be hygienic. Cleanliness and sanitization play a vital role in the food and beverage industry. So always follow CAYG(Clean As You Go), store food at the right temperature, and follow FIFO guidelines. There should not be any cross-contamination in food and beverages e.g. preparation of veg and non-veg food in the same area, allergen food storage and preparation, lactose-free milk preparation on the machine (Steam band cleaning with the same cloth). A home barista should also keep the work area clean, with neat pieces of equipment and clean hands. 

In addition, your passion for coffee should talk for itself. It means being willing to try different types of coffee and experimenting with new brewing methods. Also, one should be intrigued about coffee and its origins for higher quality. 

When it comes to latte art, it is not a must-have skill for a barista, but it can certainly make your drinks more visually appealing. It’s a fun and creative way to showcase your skills and can be a great way to impress customers. Numerous instructions and videos are available online that can teach you how to make latte art, so invest some time practising and perfecting your techniques.

In conclusion, 

Being a barista requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and equipment. Make a delicious aroma by understanding the basics of coffee brewing, choosing the right equipment, and practising regularly. With little patience, passion, and creativity, you can even master barista skills and start a new career as a professional barista. Move your feet, grab your beans, grind, brew, and enjoy!

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