Product Description

The pushbutton has a NEW LANGUAGE. With Core600 the user interaction speaks a contemporary language through the STB (Sensitive Touch Buttons), the retro-lit sensitive keypad that allows the Barista to easily select the coffee to be dispensed (doses) with the slightest touch. The keypad extends outwards from the machines to get closer to the user, making interaction more intuitive and in the TS version, offering a more comfortable display reading angle.

The cup warmer has a NEW LIGHT. The attention paid to detail in Core600 has re-invented the cup warmer, transforming it into a designer lamp that enhances the three-dimensionality of the machine, making it again the focal center of the place. Customizable where brightness and color are concerned, the led lights provide any ambiance with a simply unique atmosphere.

The sides have a NEW FORCE.Designed to enhance the refinement of the Core600 shapes, the satin-finished or varnished steel sides give the machine even further sturdiness. In Core600, design and functionality merge into an aesthetic result that reverberates into a machine that serves excellence in a cup of coffee. Being knock, wear and corrosion resistant makes Core600 the ideal solution for those seeking quality and reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Versions from 2 ÷ 4 GR (excluding Compact)
  • 6-dose STB push-button panel (Sensitive Touch Buttons)
  • 3.5” touch capacity display
  • Programming of coffee doses from push-button panel
  • Auxiliary features for coffee dispensing
  • Automatic hot water dispensing (2 ÷ 4 GR)
  • Automatic filling of boiler
  • Astoria ergonomic filter carriers
  • Cup warmer tray white lighting
  • Energy saving system
  • Boiler electronic programming/pressure control
  • Electronically controlled cup warmer (excluding 1GR and Compact)
  • Dispensing Timer Function
  • Thermo-syphon circulation hydraulic circuit (CTS)
  • External motor pump


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